Metaverse Bond

Ender Bonds

Trade Ender Bonds on the NFT marketplace like Opensea.

Bondholders earn refraction fees from the trading of END tokens and rebasing rewards. Earn fees from the yield tokens. Provide liquidity with your endETH or swap to ETH and re-deposit to bonds.

Deposit to Bonds

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Mint endETH

Deposit into bonds and receive a bond NFT while can be traded on the market as well as the liquid staking token, endETH to maintain liquidity.

Earn END Tokens

Liquid staking power (LSP) tokens which give a concentrated yield through the bond yield reward. Stake END tokens for additional rebasing rewards.

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Realm Portals

Realm Portals are the entry into the endless worlds scaling through time and the value of the liquid staking tokens deposited into the metaverse bonds. Through the metaverse bond you gain access to the realm of Endworld’s Ender Realms.

These worlds contain rich environments, resources to harvest, and land for you to build on and explore. Find hidden relics, ancient artifacts, and mysterious alien lifeforms and creatures.

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