Universal liquid staking power

Access the liquid staking power of the bonds providing concentrated yield rewards through rebasing.

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Bond LSTs

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Bond LSTs and receive Bond NFTs rewarding in liquid staking power tokens.

Mint endETH

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Mint endETH as a principal LST while earning rewards in a yield token.

Stake END

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Earn yield in liquid staking power tokens backed by the bond deposit returns.

Concentrated liquid staking yields

Earn a greater yield provided by the bond deposit yield for greater liquidity in liquid staking power.

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Yield Splitting

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A innovative DeFi mechanism, allows for a concentrated yield token to be created through a yield-splitting mechanism.


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By splitting the yield from the bonds, the END token can be staked to receive sEND tokens, and through a rebase receive the concentrated yield.

Hyper Liquid Staking

Get the greater yields from your bonds by providing yield liquidity to the yield tokens while also maintaining your principal LST liquidity.

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Yield Trading

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Deposit your LSTs into bonds and mint endETH. Swap endETH to more LSTs and re-deposit to bonds, or LP for additional yield. Trade bonds which earn yield tokens.

Vault Strategies

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Liquid staking power enables the allocation of LST bond liquidity through the protocol into various other LST protocols integrated with Ender Protocol.


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The liquid staking power tokens can be used to deploy the bond deposits and treasury assets into EigenLayer becoming a Liquid Restaking Token (LRT).
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