Ender Protocol

Liquid Staking Power & Metaverse Protocol

Liquid Staking Power


Through the bonding mechanism, a portion of the deposit yield is given to the LSP tokens, which renders them with the value of Liquid Staking Power.

We can then create a pendulum effect by algorithmically adjusting the nominal yield rate, driving liquidity and trading of staking power.

Bond NFTs

Ender Cores

A bond NFT which captures the Liquid Staking yield of the assets deposited to the protocol, which mints END tokens backed by the deposit yield of the liquid staking rewards. The underlying deposit is fully redeemable upon maturity.

Metaverse Protocol

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Through the time-based minting process of Ender Portals we integrate a metaverse game ecosystem on top of the DeFi protocol, propagating the coinbase staking reward of the network into the metaverse.




A Liquid Staking Power token, yielded through the bond mechanism, which gives yield of the deposit asset staking rewards.

Liquid Staking Power


A token backed by the treasury via the Liquid Staking yields of the bond assets.

Rebase Mechanism


A rebasing token which tracks the value of the treasury assets via staking.

Refraction Mechanism


A refraction fee is paid to the bondholders as a rebate for their Liquid Staking deposits.


Open-world Metaverse RPG

Endworld is a metaverse open-world RPG that extends the Ender Protocol by integrating its bond-based mechanism and END as its in-game currency.


Through a novel, time-locked mint, upon maturity, Bond NFTs act as mint passes for Ender Realm Portals.

Giving ownership and explusive access to the metaverse game world, with its rarity and size based on the bond's maturity duration and value deposited.