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Ender Protocol

Ender Protocol

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The Metaverse powered by Liquid staking power.

Enter the Metaverse

A sovereign metaverse powered by Liquid Staking.

Liquid stakers, traders, and bond depositors participate in a liquid staking platform that enables a metaverse economy and ecosystem.

Metaverse Bond

Mint portals to access realms in the metaverse powered by liquid staking. Earn hyper liquid staking yields.

Liquid Staking Power

Universal liquid staking power.

Learn about a new type of liquid staking token called liquid staking power (LSP). A concentrated yield token which is backed by the liquid staking yields of the bond deposits.
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Mint endETH, earn END

Deposit into bonds and receive a bond NFT while can be traded on the market as well as the liquid staking token, endETH to maintain liquidity.
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